So here is the second week for 20%. Its the 3–2–1 video to look back at what i did or didnt get done and see what i did good or bad at.

There were 3 main things i got done

1 was getting the 5th and final week for the foods i am going to bake planned out. I am going to bake 3 foods in 3 of the 5 weeks and i now know the exact foods. I have the website the recipe and food finished

2 was i was able to complete finding the foods that i am going to cook. I am going to be making a dish for 5 weeks and 2 of them are gonna be cooking stuff. I was able to find the recipe for both of the cooking ones and confirm what i am going to make.

3 i was able to write down some ideas for what i wanted to do for my final presentation. How i am gonna show my progress and keep track. how i am gonna share my experience.

Then the 2 things i was not able to get done

1 was i was not able to check at home for all the ingredients for the first week and second week. For the weeks after that i will be able to get stuff if i need to.

2 i was not able to start the first food i wanted to make. The plan is to bake something in the first week. And i chose to do dark chocolate brownies.

The one thing that i want to get done in the future like by the next week is start with the first dish. I want to film the process and give my opinion of how it went. Also make a time lapse of doing all the cooking.