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Things i got done. i was able to look for the ingredients for the first week’s dish. I also competely done planning for it. I hope to make the first dish of food this week.

things i definitly need to get done in the future is look for and make the 2nd dish.

So here is the second week for 20%. Its the 3–2–1 video to look back at what i did or didnt get done and see what i did good or bad at.

There were 3 main things i got done

1 was getting the 5th and final week for the foods i am going to bake planned out. I am going to bake 3 foods in 3 of the 5 weeks and i now know the exact foods. I have the website the recipe and food finished

2 was i was able to complete finding the foods that i…

20% project 3–2–1 video. 3 accomplishments 2 regrets and 1 thing of advice to tell yourself for next time.

3 things i accomplished- 1 found the 3 baking foods for week 1, 3, 5,. 2 I found websites with multiple recipes on how to make those foods. And 3 i came up the diagram of week by week planning

2 things i regret- i don’t feel like on Thursday i got as much work done as i could have. I didn’t start picking out what foods i wanted to cook yet

1 thing of advice for yourself- next week focus and get as much work and planning done as possible.

My project for 20 percent is gonna be cooking and baking based. For the 9 week project i am going to back and forth week to week changing from cooking and baking. Making or at least trying to make a new food or sweet every week. I am going to start out with basic things that people make on a daily basis, and then slowly progress to more complicated things.

I choose cooking and baking for my 20 percent project because it is something that i really enjoy. It is something that i can use to help take my mind…

Brady Morgan

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